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Posting/Uploading Content

Think of your videos, images, and web links like a movie producer and use privacy controls.

  • G-rated content can be made Public
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We are not Porn Hub - please, only post nudity in context, and only as education, art, or commentary in NON-PUBLIC 18+ Boards.

Constitutional Constraints

Just like screaming "fire" in a movie theater, there are a few things you can't do on the internet.

Copyright: do not use art or writings without permission

Threats: do not make threats to cause physical harm

Libel: do not publish lies about public figures or people

Privacy: do not share private facts about a person

Doxing: do not illegally obtain and publish private records

Stalking: do not actively harass someone over time

Pornography: do not post child or revenge pornography - ever

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Privacy is Our Promise to You

  • Reported content is reviewed by legal professionals
  • Violating content is restricted, not removed, unless
  • Users will not be de-platformed, absent repeated violations of the TOS
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